John Deere PowerGard is a flexible solution to equipment servicing and repairs.

The benefits of PowerGard are:

  • Peace of mind for budgeting
  • Maximum uptime
  • Savings on fuel and lubricants
  • Flexible maintenance

Machine efficiency is key, and through the implementation of servicing plans this can be greatly improved, as can fuel efficiency and up time whilst reducing the likelihood of break downs.

There are three levels of protection:

  • PowerGard Maintenance
  • PowerGard Protection
  • PowerGard Protection Plus

PowerGard Maintenance covers the standard servicing of machinery using genuine John Deere lubricants, filters and components. This can be bought for any item of John Deere machinery no matter what the age. This can also be tailored to include a range of customer and dealer servicing items (individual maintenance) or to offer full dealer servicing (complete maintenance). 

PowerGard Protection offers coverage of repairs on the engine, transmission and frame components. This is available in conjunction with a PowerGard Maintenance Plan, and as the dealer we would complete all power train repairs.

PowerGard Protecton Plus offers a full coverage protection including a PowerGard Maintenance Plan, all components of coverage from PowerGard Protection, as well as protection of engine auxiliaries, electrical components, steering, brakes, hydraulics and the operators station. We as a John Deere dealer would complete all repairs if they were to arise.

To find out more information regarding PowerGard, please speak with your Salesman or contact your local dealership.


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