At R. Hunt Ltd. we pride ourselves on exceeding customer expectation. Through the use of training schools we aim to keep our customers informed of the best ways to optimise their machinery, and to make their work as enjoyable and productive as possible.

During early spring we run AMS Training Schools over the course of a week, with sessions split into beginners and advanced users. Lunch is provided, and there are also half day courses covering the use of Farmade/Gateplan GateKeeper to show how integration with the information generated by modern farm machinery, can help you to make informed decisions within your business.

During early summer we launch our Combine Schools to offer refresher training for existing customers and introductory training for new customers and operators. The classes are split by model and age of combine to make the most of your time. and consist of practical exercises and classroom presentations.

Booking for these Training Schools are usually taken through the website, so keep an eye on here, on our Facebook or Twitter for updates.

Through Informed Farm we can offer individual training in the use of Gatekeeper on the farm, infield AutoTrac set up, or infield set up of variable rate on a drill or a spreader.

If you have any questions regarding training then please complete the contact form below.


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